New Year, New (Fill in the Blank)

We hear so many clichés when a new year rolls around. New year, new me! New year, new job! New year, new (fill in the blank)!

A new year will always come. Sometimes it’s the (fill in the blank) that offers the most opportunities. Sometimes it brings up uncertainty. Sometimes it reflects a thousand-mile stare into the universe. Sometimes…it even transforms people.

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Man, there are moments I cannot believe how this year has turned out and how very lucky I am. Let’s Build Hope has grown like crazy, and we’ve been blessed with 15 amazing, dedicated, caring, smart, strategic, thoughtful, openminded leaders and teammates. What a gift!

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Season’s Greetings! Tips to Make Grantmakers Smile and Remember You this Holiday Season

​‘Tis the season for holiday greetings and heartfelt messages of appreciation to your supporters. As you put the final touches on your beautiful, glittery cards, make sure not to forget about the grantmakers supporting your organization’s work! Remember that foundation officers and admin staff are people, too, and should be cultivated like your other donors (unless you’re working with a large corporate or federal funder that actually lets you know that they DON’T care to receive correspondence from you aside from your scheduled reports – save your postage on them).

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