By Linda B. Haley, CFRE, President & CEO

​Man, there are moments I cannot believe how this year has turned out and how very lucky I am. Let’s Build Hope has grown like crazy, and we’ve been blessed with 15 amazing, dedicated, caring, smart, strategic, thoughtful, openminded leaders and teammates. What a gift!

We normally use our blogs to share great tips of the trade we’ve learned – both from our personal successes AND our failures. We believe that showing authentically who we are – flaws and all – makes us better partners with the nonprofits we have the privilege to serve.

Who tops your gratitude list today? And what in this year has been your biggest win…and your most spectacular flop? Remembering that our teammates can be our most important champions – when we soar and when we tank – might be one of the greatest learning experiences of the year for me.

So I’m going to end the year with profound gratitude for a host of people and teams who have helped us move forward.

  • First, to our amazing St. Louis community – we love it so much, warts and all, and strive to be the change we want to see as we grow and learn from this city we love so much.
  • Next, to our fantastic vendors – from marketing to accounting, to personnel recruitment and assessment, to IT and real estate, we work with some spectacular partners. Thanks, Jeanette, Cathy, Sarah, Scott, Meira, and Mark – we definitely could not build hope without you!
  • Onward to our inspiring clients – you people rock! From disability services to social justice, from inspiring arts programming to kid-supporting education and healthcare agencies, we get the amazing chance to work with people who are daily changing and saving lives. It is an honor to walk beside you as you change our world.
  • And finally, to my LBH teammates – see, I’m already crying! You people amaze me …literally every day! I am thankful beyond any words I can write here for your kindness, your generosity of spirit, your willingness to take daily risks with me as we strive to change the community and our world. Thank you – that’s all I can say.

From LBH and from me, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, however you celebrate. I encourage you to stop after you’ve read this and write your own love letter to those who have rocked your world this year. Here’s hoping (see what I did there? 😊) 2023 is going to be our best year yet!

With thanks and hope,

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