The History and Role of Nonprofits in the United States

I find it cathartic to go back to basics. It reminds me why something is important. It centers me. So, let’s explore the question: Why does the nonprofit sector in the United States look the way it does?

First, a little clarification on what it means to be a nonprofit. A nonprofit organization is one that is organized for the purpose of improving public welfare. A nonprofit is run much the same way as a for-profit. The term “nonprofit‡” refers to how the organization handles its excess revenue. Instead of being distributed among executives or shareholders (as in a for-profit business), profits are reinvested into the organization. This could mean expanding programs to serve more clients, buying new equipment or supplies, creating an operating reserve, or any other method of improving its positive impact on society. So: a nonprofit serves the public good and uses any extra money to further its mission.

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Intentional Fundraising and Goals that Stick

The start of the new year brings a chance to refresh our habits, set or reset goals, and start with a clean slate as we enter 2022. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had more years than I can count that I’ve set big audacious personal goals and proclaimed them proudly out loud on December 31, only to have them be forgotten about 12 months later or only accomplished for the first part of the year.

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2020 is Almost Over. Who’s Ready?

As much as we all disdain this painful and challenging year, maybe it’s important that we look at what we’ve learned and what’s been good. Wouldn’t want to waste a hard-earned lesson!

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Let’s Build S’More Hope!

Ahhhh, the autumn season! The crisp fall air, pumpkin everything, and toasty sweaters that have been hidden for months in the closet. Those are a few of my favorite October things. Ask my kids and they’ll say fire pits and s’mores – with a heavy accent on the s’mores.

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COVID Reopening: Things to Consider

Hello, Let’s Build Hope Family! It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since we were moved into quarantine mode and forced to be away from family, friends, colleagues, and work. It’s been quite the ride!

I’ve noted some interesting behaviors and concepts recently and thought I’d share a few insights that might help as you navigate our slow, steady, and careful return to whatever the new normal will be

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