Building a successful nonprofit fundraising program is possible! Through our Annual Development Mentoring (ADM) services, LBH experts build development programs that are efficient and effective, using metrics that produce quantifiable outcomes. Working together, we’ll help you support your organization’s healthy growth for years to come.

Let’s Build Hope works in partnership with each Annual Development Mentoring client to identify and repair root issues, building a functional culture of philanthropy that reaches agency-wide.

How We Help

Our ADM program is designed to teach and embed successful annual fundraising principles and practices into your nonprofit. To do that, our consultants use three pillars: the case for support, annual planning, and board development.

Developing your case for support. Created with your fundraising team and key stakeholders, the case for support serves as the driving force for the development plan and all your fundraising efforts.

Creating annual fund development plans. Together, we’ll set targeted goals, detail fund initiatives and strategies, create a fundraising calendar, and help you present the annual plan to your Board of Directors.

Providing Board development and training. Boards play a crucial role in fundraising, and our consultants offer ongoing Board training, education, and coaching to help support fund development efforts.

In addition to these three pillars, Let’s Build Hope also provides training and support for other key fundraising areas, including:

  • Assistance with direct appeal processes
  • Guidance on grant development efforts
  • Support for corporate development initiatives
  • Creation of mid-level giving programs
  • Enhancement of signature fundraising events
  • Implementation of major gifts strategy, moves management, and prospect research
  • Development or enhancement of cultivation and stewardship strategies
  • And so much more!

Professional Guidance

Like all quality relationships, every mentoring program is unique. Our services are tailored for your organization’s current and future needs, development goals, budget, timeframe, and complexity.

We work with your Fundraising Triangle, which is comprised of your development team, executive leadership, and board of directors. Each part of the triangle helps support the others, using their combined efforts to create the most powerful results possible.

A dedicated consultant works directly with your Fundraising Triangle, meeting weekly with your development team, and providing 24/7 access to your nonprofit.

Mentoring Method

Over the past decade, our team has honed a mentoring method that’s yielded outstanding, measurable results for our clients. In that time, only one ADM client has missed its annual fundraising goal – amazing!

Our embedded approach allows our consultants to be hands-on early in the process, providing much of the work product, and then slowly handing over tasks and ultimately strategy development to the nonprofit leaders we support.

Consultants stay close to offer guidance and direction, ensuring that our clients learn, grow, and succeed in funding their missions. Using an active fundraising approach, we make sure your nonprofit drives to and achieves development success, hitting the number every time!