By Dawn Miller, CFRE, Senior Vice President

We hear so many clichés when a new year rolls around. New year, new me! New year, new job! New year, new (fill in the blank)!

A new year will always come. Sometimes it’s the (fill in the blank) that offers the most opportunities. Sometimes it brings up uncertainty. Sometimes it reflects a thousand-mile stare into the universe. Sometimes…it even transforms people.

We hear that from our donors all the time. Something shifts in their lives and suddenly your mission is their focus. A grandchild is sick. A community is hurting. An educational institute is at the forefront of learning. You and your organization might be the (fill in the blank) someone needs to get through the year.

There are so many ways to (fill in the blank). Your nonprofit bridged the education chasm that seemed too wide. You listened and truly cared when someone was at their lowest point. Your Board approved a real budget with real growth and metrics.

Often people want Let’s Build Hope to (fill in the blank) for them. We don’t understand fundraising so tell us how to (fill in the blank). Can you get our Board to (fill in the blank)? Our staff is struggling with (fill in the blank). Lots of questions, ways to look at a problem, and many solutions to find the missing information. And that’s the fun part, right?

So instead of declaring grand ideas for the new year, consider how full life would be if you filled in the blank for yourself, your donors, and your community. Your actions – big or small – have the power to change the world (and that’s not a new year cliché). You just need to (fill in the blank)!

Wondering what my new (fill in the blank) is for 2023? Reach out and I’ll tell you – (314) 716-2496 or

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