Working with LBH experts, your team can build a targeted, 10-Year Impact Statement that will drive your staff, Board, and donors toward measurable results. What will be different in 10 years because your nonprofit exists? Find out today!

Through our Impact Services, Let’s Build Hope consultants will work collectively with senior staff and Board members to build a 10-Year Impact Statement that will guide your nonprofit’s development in a targeted, measurable way.

In the short term, the statement will underpin your next strategic plan. In the long term, it will offer stakeholders — your staff, Board, and donors — a concrete picture of the foreseeable, 10-year future of your nonprofit.

Create the Impact You Envision

Donors want to see impact. They want to clearly understand the bright future you’re envisioning, and they want to help you get there. But nonprofits must clearly define that impact first.

This requires reflection and discussion as an organization about where you want to be in 10 years. Our consultants are here to help guide those conversations, set boundaries, and keep discussion moving forward as you create your community-changing future.

LBH leaders will analyze data to clearly understand the state in which your nonprofit currently exists and how it’s trended over the past three years.

Through three consultant-led sessions, your Board and senior leadership will first learn the ways nonprofits traditionally grow. Together, we’ll review the nonprofit life cycle, assess your current place in it, and discuss the ongoing, healthy growth needed by your nonprofit to achieve the desired impact.

Reflection and specific, hard-hitting conversations about the coming 10 years help the Board and senior staff members agree on a quantifiable future state. LBH consultants help guide those conversations and ensure each nonprofit walks away with a clear, compelling, and effective statement of impact.

Together, we’ll develop a targeted, measurable 10-Year Impact Statement you can use to build your strategic plan, provide direction for your staff, motivate and inspire Board members, and encourage your donors to consider new levels of giving.