Invite one of our experts to speak on one or more of the topics below – we have powerful, experienced nonprofit leaders who can educate, inspire, and motivate your group. Or consider joining us for an upcoming speaking engagement or training to continue to hone your craft. A growth mindset can make a real difference for any nonprofit, so schedule your professional development opportunity today!

Free Board Training & Orientation

Want to inspire your Board to be more successfully and joyfully engaged in the fundraising process? Then schedule your board session with an LBH expert today. 

Our presentation – “Fundraising or Philanthropy? Keys to Board Success in Fund Development” – will provide exceptional training while inspiring your Board to partner with you for fundraising and ultimately mission success! This 45-60 minute interactive presentation will help your Board members understand their true impact as fundraisers and the key indicators of meaningful success.

Contact us to schedule a free session today.

Upcoming Events

If you’re looking to take your fundraising prowess to the next level, take a moment to explore our immersive nonprofit workshops. Let’s Build Hope offers training throughout the year.

Whether through our 40-hour Annual Fundraising Training Camp, two-day Major Gifts Boot Camp or Grants Boot Camp, or one of the many one-time speaking engagements we provide, you’ll receive exceptional training from real experts. LBH leaders have decades of front-line fundraising experience – learn from those who’ve been where you are. We feel your pain, we share your commitment, and together we’ll share learning experiences that will help us all continue to grow! Contact us to schedule a free, one-hour session or sign up for a training today.

Our consultants will also present at other events and classes, including the following:

Annual Fundraising Training Camp
April 15-19, 2024
Linda Haley, CFRE & Dawn Miller, CFRE

Grants Boot Camp
June 12-13, 2024
Beth Jantz & the Grants for Growth Team

Annual Fundraising Training Camp
July 22-26, 2024
Linda Haley, CFRE & Dawn Miller, CFRE

Major Gifts Boot Camp
September 12-13, 2024
Yvette Hartsfield, MA, CFRE, CAP & Becky Moss, MA

Annual Fundraising Training Camp
October 21-25, 2024
Linda Haley, CFRE & Dawn Miller, CFRE

Annual Fundraising Training Camp
February 10-14, 2025
Linda Haley, CFRE & Dawn Miller, CFRE

Additional Presentation Topics

Let’s Build Hope offers engaging presentations tailored for your staff, Board, or volunteers. Some of our most popular topics include the following.

Level: All Levels

Creatively recognizing donors and expressing your gratitude is important for lasting support. This seminar will provide focused stewardship strategies for individuals and groups. Build targeted stewardship plans for all donor segments, from major donors to Board members to corporate supporters. You learn effective ways to recognize annual, capital, and endowment giving. We highlight methods to get your Board and other staff members involved in the gratitude. And we encourage you to share and discuss your best stewardship ideas and accomplishments.

Level: Intermediate to Experienced

Increase your fundraising success rate by telling donors about the positive impact your organization is doing and why they should support it. Your team learns how donors think and feel by asking powerful questions and actively listening. And we review what you bring to the table – your fears and projections, how you present the nonprofit, and potential challenges. You also learn best practices for solicitation success.

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Bring big gifts into your small shop by educating and inspiring your entire agency to get behind the major gifts process. Together, we build the case for funding, learn to identify and cultivate major gift prospects, prepare for solicitation, then finally make the ask and share our appreciation. We talk about the challenges of starting, then moving on to what it takes to build a major gift program once it’s rolling. Best of all, we learn to engage your full team in the process and make it work for everyone.

Level: All Levels — Especially Helpful for CEOs and CFOs

You need to know what to realistically expect from your development officers and fundraising efforts to ensure success. Help your nonprofit senior leaders and financial professionals better understand fund development, its possibilities and pitfalls, as well as what it will take to raise sufficient funding for your nonprofit. We outline concepts like the cost per dollar raised and return on investment for your organization’s development program. Learn about the difference between fundraising efficiency and effectiveness and which to focus on to optimize your fundraising.

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Frustrated with events that take too much time to plan and provide too little return on investment? Learn to develop the right events for your organization and create strategies to make them entertaining as well as profitable. Fundraising events can be effective, but they can’t be your only way to build development programs.

Linda demonstrates how to make events part of a larger, more effective fundraising plan. Gain from her insights on obtaining sponsorships, setting event metrics, using contractors, building a strong committee, and engaging your Board to ensure event success. And discover how to maximize your events before, during, and after they take place.

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Volunteers are the lifeblood of most nonprofits, from Board leadership to the people working mail campaigns. That’s why it’s important for nonprofit leaders to effectively connect with and keep volunteers. Understand what it takes to find, engage, and retain happy volunteers at every level. Learn the best ways to connect with volunteers in your community. Discover how to find and prepare passionate volunteers. Make your volunteers’ experience meaningful. There’s a lot we can do when people freely give their time, talent, and treasure. Let’s foster joyful volunteers.

Level: All Levels From Small Shops

Raising funds in a small shop with limited resources is a challenge, but it can be done. With the best and most affordable techniques, a one-person operation can meet development goals and drive a successful organization. Learn to choose the methods that are right for your agency as well as set quantifiable goals that stretch the agency and produce much-needed funding. We educate and engage leaders on the development process. When you optimize your fund development resources, personal and financial, and learn to prioritize the best fund development strategies, your results will match your effort.

Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Attracting major gifts is a daunting task. So often, we hear the words “major gifts” and immediately feel fear. How do I start? What do I do? How do I get the meeting? For how much should I ask? Am I in this by myself?

Don’t let fear stop your nonprofit from stepping forward into the wonderful world of major gifts. Learn simple and linear steps to start a successful major gifts program, beginning with the who, what, when, where and why of major gifts, and take your development efforts to new heights!