Sharpen Your Skills, Harness the Power of Your Board, Crush Your Goals!

Do you ever wish you and your team could really learn how fundraising works? How the Board can be happily and productively engaged? How you, as a CEO, can make an impact on donors and inspire them to give? The Crush Courses may be just what you need!

Through our annual membership model, you’ll receive up to 20 hours of video content led by LBH President and CEO Linda Haley and our LBH team of experts! Through 15-minute micro-learning segments, you’ll learn the linear nature of fundraising – how each piece builds upon the others – so you can begin to set fundraising targets with confidence…and reach them every single year!

The online Crush Courses will be launching later this year and we’ll be admitting 100 nonprofits in our opening month. You can purchase an annual membership for $1,500 dollars OR join monthly for only $149. The Crush Courses include full training modules, a robust support library, a monthly LBH Live Cohort, and other purchase options to give you a full knowledge base from which to build your case, plan, and board development processes. The courses will also engage you immediately in beginning to grow and improve your culture of philanthropy.

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