The Color of Philanthropy: A New Dawn for Development Professionals of Color

I firmly believe that a new era has dawned for emerging fundraising professionals of color.

Reflecting on the early days of my career, I stumbled into this field with little understanding that a non-profit fundraising career even existed. In 1990, fresh out of undergrad, I took on the role of a departmental secretary in alumni relations at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. I was not only the sole Black individual in alumni relations but also on the fundraising side of the massive alumni and development shop.

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New Year, New (Fill in the Blank)

We hear so many clichés when a new year rolls around. New year, new me! New year, new job! New year, new (fill in the blank)!

A new year will always come. Sometimes it’s the (fill in the blank) that offers the most opportunities. Sometimes it brings up uncertainty. Sometimes it reflects a thousand-mile stare into the universe. Sometimes…it even transforms people.

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Man, there are moments I cannot believe how this year has turned out and how very lucky I am. Let’s Build Hope has grown like crazy, and we’ve been blessed with 15 amazing, dedicated, caring, smart, strategic, thoughtful, openminded leaders and teammates. What a gift!

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Fundraising Beyond Covid-19…

Often in our roles as consultants we are asked, “What does fundraising beyond Covid-19 look like…what can we expect?” To determine what this meant to me I thought I should start by looking up the definition of the word “beyond.” The definition reads as follows:

Beyond – at or to the further side of; happening or continuing after.

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Goodwill: Not Just for “Stuff” Anymore

You know that feeling you get when you drop off a load of items at Goodwill? That feeling of weight being lifted while simultaneously doing something that may help someone else? I love that feeling, and it led me to wonder:  What if there were a “goodwill” for those emotions that weigh you down in a business setting? What if before every professional encounter, you “dropped off” your insecurity, your need to be right, and your desire to prove your worth?

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COVID Reopening: Things to Consider

Hello, Let’s Build Hope Family! It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since we were moved into quarantine mode and forced to be away from family, friends, colleagues, and work. It’s been quite the ride!

I’ve noted some interesting behaviors and concepts recently and thought I’d share a few insights that might help as you navigate our slow, steady, and careful return to whatever the new normal will be

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