We believe in the power of nonprofits. Our team is dedicated to ensuring nonprofit organizations have the tools and support they need to do their best work and make the greatest impact for our communities.

Our Mission

Let’s Build Hope is transforming the nonprofit sector through strategic business and fundraising partnerships so organizations can change the world.

Our Vision

Let’s Build Hope will reimagine the nonprofit sector by harnessing the potential and power of philanthropy to create systemic societal change.

Our 10-Year Impact Statement

By 2032, Let’s Build Hope will train 100,000 nonprofit leaders and harness the power of 100 influential partners to change the sector and realize the potential of philanthropy.

Our Values

At Let’s Build Hope, we believe in and lead with:

A commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

  • We strive to provide equitable access to training for all fundraisers and non-profits.
  • We commit to all Let’s Build Hope consultants being trained in anti-bias/anti-racism.
  • We seek out and encourage diversity in hiring for LBH and our clients.
  • We will continually evaluate our work to ensure it is informed by a lens of inclusion.

Real relationships.

  • We treat each other and every client with care, respect, and dignity.
  • We appreciate our clients as individuals both inside and outside of their organization.
  • We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and encourage one another through challenges.
  • We practice the “clear is kind” concept.

Excellence and expertise.

  • We will hire only experts in their respective fields.
  • We are deliberate about pursuing continuing education to remain experts in non-profit fundraising and leadership.
  • We are committed to providing service only in areas where we hold expertise.

Mission and metrics.

  • We embed ourselves with our clients to provide the highest level of results-focused consulting.
  • We are committed to the LBH model of fundraising while fully utilizing the unique capabilities of each consultant.
  • We embrace our client’s goals as our own and drive with them to the goal.

Our Commitment to Address Systemic Racism

In 2020, we made a deep commitment to addressing racial inequity through our work at Let’s Build Hope. We serve clients who rest squarely in this space – Cornerstone Corporation, Cultural Leadership, Marian Middle School, and WEPOWER, for example – and believe strongly that stepping into the work of anti-racism is a charge all of us must undertake.

The Let’s Build Hope team is committed to continued training around anti-bias and anti-racism, to hiring practices focused on building diversity, and to ensuring that young, Black, nonprofit leaders get early access to our gold-standard training program, the Annual Fund Training Camp. To that end, we actively seek partners who are committed to community well-being, education, and the eradication of systemic racism.