Nonprofit leaders are in most cases exceptionally capable and caring individuals — but even the most talented people need support and guidance to successfully navigate leadership challenges.

Chief Executive Officers and Executive Directors are tasked with many responsibilities, from guiding and motivating their teams to supporting campaigns and fostering relationships with prospective donors and supporters. And they’ve got to do it all while maintaining time for family and personal care.

Ensure your nonprofit leaders have someone to turn to for advice and support, whenever they need it.

“Working with Linda Haley has transformed our organization’s development and stewardship efforts. Her expertise and guidance enabled our organization to increase our contributed income by over 20% and to exceed our development goals. During the first year, Linda provided coaching to our Development Director, our Board, to me, and to our staff as a whole. As a result, our work with individual donors grew by leaps and bounds…Linda is an incredible teacher and terrific development coach. I would recommend her enthusiastically to every non-profit organization!”

— ​Barbara Berner, retired Artistic Director/CEO, The St. Louis Children’s Choirs

Leadership Coaching & Support

Let’s Build Hope offers direction for solving specific challenges, like setting a clear vision for growth, enhancing infrastructure and staffing, Board retreat facilitation, succession planning, and more.

With decades of experience working in partnership with nonprofits of all types and sizes, Linda Haley and Meredith Friedman understand the challenges nonprofit leaders face. We interact with nonprofit CEOs and EDs to support their work, challenge their thinking, and act as a sounding board to test concepts or ideas.

Each coaching arrangement is tailored to the unique needs of your CEO/ED, personally and professionally. Mentors provide individualized support on fundraising, leadership, strategic direction, Board work, self-care, work-life balance, and personal growth.

For the period of the consulting contract, your nonprofit leader has 24/7 access to their Let’s Build Hope mentor, via phone, e-mail, and text. Mentors help solve challenges such as staffing issues, meeting personal goals, or preparing new development initiatives. We also help leaders rethink their organizational structure and make succession plans.

Mentoring ensures that your nonprofit leader has someone to lean on who understands their challenges — and has the perspective, experience, and tools to help them overcome. As a result, nonprofits end up with stronger teams, more engaged Boards, and leaders with greater resilience and the capacity to make change.

Leadership mentoring also acts as an accountability mechanism for CEOs and EDs to ensure they stay “out of the weeds” while running their organization strategically and taking good care of themselves. Especially for new or burgeoning leaders, this kind of support can be the difference between high impact and quick burnout.