At Let’s Build Hope, we take a direct approach and employ a hands-on, embedded consulting style. Our team of consultants has worked with hundreds of clients and brings decades of frontline, nonprofit fundraising experience to each relationship.

What We Believe

Great fundraisers feel the passion for their causes so deeply, hope so profoundly, that they understand almost immediately that we’re not in it for the money…even though our charities need the money.

We’re in it because we believe deeply in the nonprofit sector’s ability to change the world. We believe when we raise funds for causes we care about, we can make a difference — a true impact.

Unfortunately, myths, misconceptions, and mistakes can cause nonprofits to stumble. When that happens, important work like organizational strategy, Board development, fundraising, and more lack the foundation for long-term success.

That’s why our consultants work tirelessly to embed themselves within the nonprofits we serve. As fundraising and nonprofit experts, we take on your nonprofit’s goals as our own, meeting regularly with leadership, and offering constant support to achieve greater results.

“The Let’s Build Hope approach is rooted in decades of collective expertise, and yet, they somehow personalize strategies with startling success. LBH never made me feel like a client; rather, they felt like an extension of my team.”

Julie McDowell, Director of Advancement, Provident Behavioral Health

Our Method

We view consulting as a partnership with each nonprofit that we are privileged to serve. Your goals are our goals.

Our consultants offer an exceptional knowledge base and practical expertise, which ensures our clients will proceed with confidence and be virtually guaranteed to meet their fundraising targets. Since 2013, only one client has missed a fundraising goal.

In most of our products, an embedded approach – “do, mentor, support, excel” – puts our consultants’ vast experience to work early in the process.


Consultants provide much of the work product and directly lead efforts at first. Soon consultants begin slowly handing tasks and strategy development over to nonprofit leaders.

We serve as peers, teachers, and mentors. We also have moments when we act as the sand in the oyster, providing needed discomfort that helps nonprofit leaders and their Boards tackle tough problems. This gentle “hand in the back” approach ensures that vital growth — often predicated on facing those tough decisions or making hard changes — occurs over the course of the long road we travel together.

Through it all, consultants stay close, ensuring that, if and when a nonprofit or its leaders falter, support is close at hand. It is our privilege to provide support, accountability, and celebration when much-deserved success arrives.