Undertaking a public campaign – capital, comprehensive, or endowment – is an exciting but challenging endeavor. LBH campaign experts will guide you through pre-campaign planning, feasibility, and implementation to ensure your campaign is a rousing success. LBH campaign experts offer direction and support for all aspects of organizing, planning, structuring, administering, and completing your campaign on time and on budget.

Campaign planning offers a straightforward and practical way to generate next-level support from qualified donors and prospects. Optimal strategies are predicated on attracting leadership pledges and gifts from individuals, foundations, corporations, associations, and other grant-making entities capable of and interested in making impact investments in your project.

Targeted Efforts, Proven Results

Campaign plans are based on proven fundraising methods that encourage financial support. Each highly tailored plan succinctly defines next steps, associated timelines, and leadership team members responsible for outcomes.

Campaign experts lead you through the process of developing a complete campaign, from team preparation and internal readiness to defining scope, modeling budgets, and analyzing data. Developing a solid plan and ensuring the implementation of that plan, its goals, and milestones guides our work to ensure the campaign stays on target.

Plans are based on real-world insights from your nonprofit, not just standard playbooks. We’ll help you garner the insights of former, current, and prospective donors to develop thoughtfully designed donor proposals, matching your ongoing needs and current opportunities to the donors’ interests.

Campaign plans employ the most efficient fundraising methods, such as in-person solicitations. Campaign consultants will provide guidance on techniques of fundraising and will even accompany campaign leadership on calls and presentations. Other tactics (like grant writing, foundation development, and more) may also be employed.

Consultants will also provide cultivation and stewardship strategies, various solicitation techniques, board and staff training, and creative case development. Consultants conduct research on potential donors, manage rating and screen processes, assist in organizing solicitation teams, and create approach strategies.

Our experienced consultants will guide you every step of the way. Together, we’ll help you develop an optimal campaign plan, guide activities, provide detailed training, and troubleshoot issues to make sure your team receives the support it needs to set — and achieve — your campaign goals.