Do you need to transform your nonprofit? Maybe you have financial challenges, significant changes in Board or staff, stagnation, or even extreme growth. Sometimes nonprofits get stuck in ineffective patterns or systems or are realigning after a merger. Our team of experienced transformation consultants will step in and help you make the necessary adjustments for long-term success that lead to an even more powerful, functional nonprofit.

Transform Your Nonprofit

In this intensive partnership, Let’s Build Hope consultants work closely with senior leadership and Board members for up to three years. This longer-term arrangement allows us to employ our hands-on approach to provide guidance through complex issues like Board and staff leadership turnover, need for significant program changes, a thorough mission/vision/values overhaul, or a change in fundraising structure. Consultants begin immediately working to improve any number of ineffective activities including but not limited to a review of programs, fundraising, operations, and finance.

Momentum services are ideal for nonprofits that:

  • Face various performance challenges across many departments, programs, and systems
  • Need to regroup after a merger so everyone is aligned around mission and vision
  • Have experienced rapid growth that has exceeded structural, organizational, or financial capabilities

We work to strengthen and transform nonprofits, ensuring that they remain solid and continue to perform at a higher level long after LBH consultants have gone.

Developing Healthy, High Performing Teams

The most challenging problems inside nonprofits are rarely only technical. Often, they stem from dysfunctional teams and the issues that naturally arise when the nonprofit culture has not been designed for health and functionality.

For example, nonprofit cultures may find various members or teams trapped in the “Drama Triangle” — a model that outlines common roles and interactions among people in conflict. Becoming aware of this dynamic and how it can play out in a nonprofit is a key step to breaking the cycle of dysfunction.

Teams then follow a sequence as they work to rebuild systems and cultures. During the transformation process, our consultants help teams understand these patterns and equip them with the tools needed to navigate complex personal situations and team dynamics.

Your team will emerge from the transformation process stronger — with a clear mission, systems, and leadership skills embedded in your nonprofit that help leaders continue the transformation over time with independence, sustainability, and growth.