When nonprofits who are part of the LBH family are actively recruiting for leadership positions like CEO or CDO, they often experience a prolonged gap as they seek to find just the right fit. For current clients only, Bridge Services provide short-term support. LBH’s Bridge Services allow our team of consultants to provide continuity during this time of transition.

Together with your team, we work to maintain your leadership and/or fundraising momentum, ensure ongoing progress on your key initiatives, and offer guidance and support to help you fill these vital roles.

“As a startup nonprofit, ​[we] turned to Let’s Build Hope to develop an annual fundraising plan in 2016. We weren’t large enough to hire staff but were at a critical stage of growth with our first three-figure, multi-year gift. To help us properly steward our gifts and build a sustainable plan, LBH stepped in to function in our development director role, and together, we built and executed the plan that has resulted in 264% growth over the past 4 years. … We exceeded our goals in year one and have maintained our relationship for three years. Linda Haley and Dawn Miller are a unique combination of brilliance and heart. They have been an instrumental part of our success and growth.”

Gina Marten, ​former Executive Director, Girls in the Know

Continuity & Transition Support

Every organization is unique, and each nonprofit has its own strengths and challenges. That’s why our Bridge Services are tailored to meet your needs during this transition. By offering a personnel bridge, LBH is able to provide the following:

Our nonprofit experts provide transition support as you work to find your CEO or CDO. This allows us to provide overall organizational leadership, oversee annual giving initiatives, support marketing and communications, and help with other challenges that impact development.

Bridge services are provided for a limited time to LBH family members only. Assignments typically range from two to four months. This interim support and guidance enables nonprofits to focus on actively recruiting for these important roles.

Consultants can also assist in the hiring process. Along with others on your leadership team, we can help vet candidates, propose interview questions, evaluate candidate skills, and more to ensure you find the next right leader.

And like our other nonprofit consulting services, organizations engaged in our Bridge Services will enjoy 24/7 access to the Let’s Build Hope team via phone, email, and text.

Key initiatives can’t be put on hold while your nonprofit works to fill a seat of Chief Executive Officer or Chief Development Officer position. Get the guidance you need to fill these roles without losing focus or momentum in the meantime.