By Sarah Melinger, Senior Consultant

Ah, hello old friend consistency! Where have you been? It’s been SO hard to be steady in this crazy year. To cope, we have probably all let many things go and have not been consistent in many areas. But things are constantly changing, and we must change with them. I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with my old friend!

Consistency is what drives real progress. A person must take an action many times to experience real growth and real movement. Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be great at something – can you imagine having 10,000 hours to spend on one activity? Most of us do not, but we can all benefit from trying to improve our efforts to be consistent.

As important as consistency is to each of us in our personal lives, it is equally or more important when interacting with our cherished donors. Growing a deeper relationship with a donor or board member requires being consistent in your engagement. Donors want to know how you are doing and how the organization is doing…they want to hear from you!

To increase consistency with donors? Have a plan! Do not let it be an afterthought as you scramble to incorporate new ideas – rather create dedicated action that has meaning. Spend time looking at the coming year with your team and think about creative ways to engage with your donors. A phone call of thanks from a program director? A handwritten note? A streaming video via text or email about the work your organization is doing? A small hand-delivered gift to your top supporters with a love note attached? Just think of the fun you AND your donors can have! If you have a plan, you will remember to prioritize staying connected.

Know, too, that you’ll receive tangible benefits from this consistent interaction. It’s probable both your donors’ connection to and love for the mission will grow…and with that growth, you’ll likely see increased giving! Try a dedicated stewardship plan for this year and see if being consistent does help you deepen your relationships with your donors. You’ll be glad you reconnected with your old friend consistency – and so will you donors!

Looking for ways to stay consistent with your donors and in fundraising? Contact Let’s Build Hope – we want to hear from you: (314) 716-2496 or

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