By Linda B. Haley, CFRE, President & CEO

Is there ever a moment when the Board of Directors and the senior staff at your nonprofit just sit and talk about your Disney-, Amazon-, Google-sized dreams?

I’m not talking about “annual retreats” during which we talk about shorter-term goals and objectives…or strategic planning sessions in which we create the approaches we’ll use to move forward. And I’m not talking about vision – those long-term, aspirational ideals. Visions are great…but even a $10 million dollar gift to operating is not going to “…end world hunger.” 

I’m talking about targeted, hard-hitting conversation about where YOU want to be in 10 years with your organization. Talks with a “SMART-goal” feel to them. Talks that make us feel a little scared…and a LOT excited. 

At Let’s Build Hope, we’ve started helping nonprofits identify and present a clear picture of their targeted, 10-year dreams to investment givers. If they can see a clear, 10-year impact, transformational donors are often willing to support an organization’s greatest operational needs.

Donors want to see the impact. They want to see and feel that bright future. They want to help you get there. But you’ve got to define it first…in clear, measurable terms.

Are you having an IMPACT? If not, consider having some power conversations with Board and senior staff. Who knows what you’ll find?

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