By Dawn M.S. Miller, CFRE, Vice President of Annual Fund

We know that the Board is the “engine” of fundraising. So why aren’t all Board members eager to be involved with funding an organization’s mission?

Could it be that the Board does not know how to support the staff and fundraising? A healthy, functional Board has two main roles: governance and fundraising. They should provide governance and oversight of ethical principles/practices, sound fiscal management, fiduciary responsibility (duties of care, loyalty, obedience), and the linkage with the Executive Director.

Where some Boards stumble is over the fundraising responsibilities. As fundraising professionals, we need to provide mission-related results and stories that can be easily shared to illustrate our community impact.

Other ways the Board can be involved with fundraising:

  • Open the doors to prospective donors and widen the circle of influence;
  • Be a cheerleader and proud, vocal community representative;
  • Ensure the fundraising operations have the personnel and financial resources available to be successful;
  • Personally make a stretch annual gift; and
  • Meet, call, and interact with the donors!

As fundraisers working with Board members, embrace the We, We, We Principle as your mantra:

  • We will work with our Board colleagues.
  • We will support the staff in their fundraising endeavors.
  • We will talk to others who might love our mission.

​We are all in this together…We, We, We!

Wondering where the dividing line is between the staff and Board responsibilities? Ask us! Let’s Build Hope can help to empower your Board and build upon their passion for your mission.

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