By Beth Krumm, MEd, Senior Consultant

​This month we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month, recognizing the contributions that volunteers to our organizations make. They volunteer because they care about our missions, the positive changes our organizations are having on the world. They believe you matter, often showing that by not only giving of their time but of their philanthropy.

So how are you showing them that they matter? Whether you have a few volunteers or a large volunteer program, there are simple ways to show them that you genuinely appreciate them. Here are just a few to consider:

Volunteer Appreciation Event: While it may need to be virtual this year, think about ways to hold an event for your volunteers. Hire a special guest performer, or a speaker who can talk about an aspect of your program. Even if you can’t be together in person, a Zoom toast and words of thanks from the head of your organization is always a nice touch.

Thanks from those who you serve: Send a video of the children you serve saying thank you, a recipe book filled with recipes the seniors you take care of compiled, or a piece of artwork that an emerging designer created.

Handwritten Cards: Invite your team, and perhaps those you serve, to write notes of appreciation to your volunteers. Their heartfelt words about how that volunteer is making a difference in their life is priceless.

Photo Book: Create a photo book that shows the work you do and highlights the volunteers that are helping carry it out. Photo sites like Snapfish or Shutterfly make it easy to design and print quickly.

While we engage our volunteers throughout the year, let’s make this month an extra special one for them. This month is about remembering the value of each individual volunteer and the power of their collective efforts in improving our communities.

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