By Sarah Barone, CFRE, Consultant

As many have recently begun a new fiscal year, now is a great time to begin to reflect not only on what has been accomplished over the past year, but also, what we hope to achieve over the next 12 months. Typically, this exercise will inspire organizations and individuals to sit down and document their goals.

Documenting your goals, create a results-driven plan to help achieve your personal and organizational outcomes. Taking the time for goal setting can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Helps keep you motivated and sustain momentum.
  • Helps provide clarity.
  • Helps provide a focus filter.
  • Helps you learn and grow.

Many professionals and organizations use the SMART goals method. A SMART goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.

But this is where we need to pause and take this exercise a step further. If we want our work to truly make a difference, we must prioritize inclusivity and equity. Without these principles, our impact will be limited and only benefit a few.

Enter SMARTIE goals.

  • S – Specific:  Describe your goal in precise terms so there is no confusion as to what needs to be accomplished.
  • M – Measurable:  Define with precise times, amounts, or other units—essentially anything that measures progress toward a goal.
  • A – Achievable:  Stretch the limits of what you think is possible. While they’re not impossible to complete, they’re often challenging and full of obstacles.
  • R – Relevant:  Your goal should relate to attaining something that is necessary, of value, and that supports your vision.
  • T – Time-Bound:  Effective goals are constantly reviewed and revised. Determine a date, timeframe, or schedule for your goal.
  • I – Inclusive:  Empowering traditionally excluded individuals and groups in decision-making processes, activities, and policymaking.
  • E – Equitable:  Address systemic injustice, inequity, and oppression by incorporating a core principle of fairness and justice.

Use our worksheet below and start creating your SMARTIE goals today!

Reach out to us with your SMARTIE questions: (314) 370-1602 or

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