By Sarah Melinger, Vice President – Impact Services

Another Labor Day is in the books…and while we took the day to hopefully pause, reflect, and enjoy some time with those we care about, it is challenging to not think about the work that still lies ahead. For many nonprofits this marks the “beginning of the end of the year” – fall appeal letters, galas, and so much more. It can certainly feel like a lot of labor!

But, what if we looked at it through the lens of practicing philanthropy…then it starts to feel a lot less like labor and a lot more about loving one another and ensuring that we help those causes that are near and dear to each of us. We want to make sure our beloved nonprofits have what they need to do their critical work each and every day.

Philanthropy means the “love of humankind” – let’s stop working to close those end of year gifts but rather look at how much of an impact can we have if we truly practice philanthropy and not just the “work of fundraising.”

I know that would make me feel excited and energized and not feel like I had a long “task list” ahead of me, but rather an opportunity to connect with people on a different level to ensure that I am helping them to practice their philanthropy in the most meaningful way possible. If we all do that, it hardly feels like work at all!

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