By Sarah Melinger, Vice President of Impact

You know that feeling you get when you drop off a load of items at Goodwill? That feeling of weight being lifted while simultaneously doing something that may help someone else? I love that feeling, and it led me to wonder:  What if there were a “goodwill” for those emotions that weigh you down in a business setting? What if before every professional encounter, you “dropped off” your insecurity, your need to be right, and your desire to prove your worth?

Well, I tried it. At first, it was hard. Just like the dress I couldn’t decide if I should hold onto (you know, that dress that may just fit or be back in style one day!) I struggled to decide if I could let these feelings go. What would happen? Would I risk shedding something I needed…or did I just think I needed them? Would I grip tightly to my need to be right or prove my worth? If I stopped constantly making sure everyone knew what I could contribute, what would happen?

Well, you know what happened? I was asked to contribute more. When I gave others the space to shine and to feel heard and respected, I received so much more than I could have achieved by holding tight to my insecurities. Letting go allowed others to trust me and want to partner with me. They knew that I was approaching our work together with goodwill…that my goal was to do the best work possible. Just like releasing items I no longer use at Goodwill – I helped others, but I also really helped myself.

So maybe, before that next meeting, consider making a “donation” of those emotions that are holding you back…and instead bring the goodwill.

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