By Linda B. Haley, CFRE, President & CEO

As much as we all disdain this painful and challenging year, maybe it’s important that we look at what we’ve learned and what’s been good. Wouldn’t want to waste a hard-earned lesson!

From the nonprofit perspective, here are a few POSITIVE takeaways: 

  • Hard times draw us together. Even in our relative COVID-enforced isolation, we’ve learned to connect – Zoom Board meetings, Zoom Happy Hours, Zoom Major Donor calls – in spite of it all, we’ve continued to work on being in relationship.
  • Donors who love your nonprofit will continue to love and support you, even in tough times! We’ve heard amazing stories from our clients of folks and organizations who have stepped into the gap left by COVID and filled it with love, money, and more mission.
  • Our passion for the missions we serve has not diminished. In fact, it seems like we care even more about the people and causes we are called to support.
  • Just when times look the bleakest, something good happens to keep us moving forward with hope. I can’t tell you the number of days this year I just did NOT feel like moving forward – but then I’d get a funny text or a check-in call or word of a great gift to a client and, somehow, that little moment of love and care propelled me – all of us – to do the next right thing.
  • Even in the darkest days, there is always HOPE! We call our company, “Let’s Build Hope” for a reason. We BELIEVE there is always hope. And the year 2020 – spiked with trial, pain, and frustration – was also filled with care, support, sacrifice, and love.

As we look to the brighter days 2021 will most likely offer us, let us all take a moment to embrace the lessons of this stunning year. Let’s remember the colleagues, donors, and friends who’ve stepped in to help. Let’s profusely thank them all as we move forward. And let’s stay connected and in tune with gratitude – for even in the toughest times, there is hope…and for that, we are thankful.

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